Hello Lovers,

My name is Chrissy. I am an over-user of emojis, a lover of wanderlust and the simple things in life, and I am the creative mastermind behind Maker and Made Wedding Studios. The best way to describe our design aesthetic is: minimalistic, feminine, with a dash of “party”.


To me, there is something truly magical about a wedding.


Perhaps it is the pure joy, the love, the intimacy, the unique stories, or the beautiful moment when two families become one - the overpour of these feelings was collectively what I personally fell in love with to this very day, and drew me to becoming a creative with a specialisation in weddings.  


I love working with couples who do not necessarily believe in a rule-book wedding. But are instead, open to pushing creative boundaries to capturing precious candid moments in time, and most importantly, are willing to have a little (a lot!) of fun along the way.

All the love,


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